La Luna y el Hacedor 月亮与创造者  


"La Luna y el Hacedor" is an artistic exploration of the human experience in the face of nature's immense power. Born from a period of quarantine amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, this series of images is inspired by the poems of  Jorge Luis Borges' collection, "El Hacedor."

During the creation of “La Luna y el Hacedor”, my artistic exploration took me across New Zealand, China, and Cambodia, where I captured photographic elements that formed the basis of my work. Through the use of double-exposure and re-composition, I created new visual dimensions that offer a surreal interpretation of our living environment. Through reimagining photos taken before the pandemic, I create a dreamlike world that pays tribute to the boundless nature and the limitless imagination of humanity, transcending physical constraints of freedom. In this series, I reflect on the power dynamics between humans and the natural world, where humans are portrayed as insignificant in comparison to the larger forces of nature. The epidemic is symbolized as a fog, evoking a sense of mystery and uncertainty, as I pose the question, "What's in the fog?" 

Through this work, I invite the viewer to question their place in the world and to reflect on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. This series is a collaborative work between literature, imagination, and art, showcasing the boundless potential of the human spirit and the power of nature to shape and inspire us.

!st Place New Talent Award Exhibition, Kuca Legata Museum, Belgrade Photo Month, 2023

Hamburg Portfolio Review Public Exhibition, Hamburg, 2023